Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for users and advertisers of using www.CzechEroticGuide.com server and for disclosure and providing advertising on the www.CzechEroticGuide.com internet server

  • Provider of advertising is for the needs of these general contractual and commercial terms (as well as the "Terms") company Reklama Najisto s.r.o., (hereinafter referred to as "the operator or manager"), headquartered Na Poříčí 17, 110 00, Praha 1 - Nové Město, which is the operator of the www.CzechEroticGuide.com internet server

  • Advertiser further the needs of these Terms means any physical or legal person who ordered or is ordering a publication of their ads or other similar promotional activities from the provider of the advertising

  • User of the Server services is any person that uses the Server, follows the Terms, or any other person in accordance with these Terms that is going to register or is already registered under the terms and services of the Server. A condition for entry or use of the services of the Server is to follow the Terms.

  • Providing advertising, advertising or promotion is also for needs of these terms meant by any announcement, presentation or other presentations aimed at promoting entrepreneurial activity of the ad advertiser on the www.CzechEroticGuide.com internet server.

I. Terms and conditions for the providing of advertisement.

  • Provider of advertising provides to the advertisers the publication of advertisements in the form of data space at the www.CzechEroticGuide.com server in scope and format, as defined by the order, contract or other act of the Parties. Unless agreed otherwise, the publication of advertisements is ment to be the textual and visual materials used to promote the services offered, including one contact phone number, address, description of services.

  • Advertiser acknowledges that the provider is not responsible for the truthfulness of advertising information contained in advertising and declares that this information is true and in accordance with the wording of the relevant regulations of the Czech legal system, especially with the wording of the Act. No. 40/1995 Coll. regulation of advertising, as amended.

  • If the advertisement is prepared by an advertiser, the advertiser is responsible for its full content. If the advertisement was prepared by another legal entity or physical person other than the advertiser, this legal entity or physical person together with the advertiser are responsible for its compliance with the law jointly and un-differently.

  • Advertiser by agreeing with these Terms expressly declares that he has all necessary rights to use trademarks and / or copyrights to any visual and / or textual materials used in ordered advertising.

  • Advertiser declares that he is aware that under § 2, paragraph 3 of Act. No. 40/1995 Coll. advertising must not be contrary to good morals, must not especially contain any discrimination because of race, gender, or nationality, or attack the religious or ethnic belief, must not threaten generally unacceptable morality, human dignity, can not contain elements of pornography, violence or elements using the theme of fear, and the advertising must not attack any political beliefs.

  • Advertiser expressly with commitment declares that all persons in advertising or in the context shown are over eighteen years of age, or that meet other statutory requirements under the legislation of other states.

  • Ad Provider is obliged to provide information about the advertiser to financial supervision authorities for the purposes of administrative proceedings, the advertiser is therefore obliged to inform the provider with the data.

  • Advertiser agrees to replace to provider all the damage caused in connection with the publication of advertisements that is inadequate for legal requirements.

  • Provider has the right subjectively refuse publication of advertisements even without giving a reason. If the provider refuses to publish already paid advertising, will return full payment against the proof of the payment. In case that an advertiser cancels the paid advertising during the advertising period, payment is not refundable.

  • Payment for advertising must be paid either in cash or credited to the provider´s account the day before the publication of the advertisements. Respectively the advertiser understands the method of payment through the credit system, the advertiser pays in advance so called credit and then an amount is deducted for the provision of advertising according to predetermined criteria within the website.

  • Provider subjectively reserves the right to change the price conditions for the providing of advertising but is not entitled to subjectively change the price for already provided advertising.

II. Terms of Server use

  • Operator is not responsible for the misuse of personal data listed on the site, or obtained by illegal penetration into the page by a third party.

  • Operator is not responsible for user activity or for the way services are being used. Also does not carry any responsibility for any misuse of services by server users or third parties. Operator does not carry any responsibility for damages caused directly, indirectly or incidentally to the user or third parties as a result of using the services from www.CzechEroticGuide.com. Operator does not carry any responsibility for damages caused to the user or third parties as a result of impossibility to use the services www.CzechEroticGuide.com or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.

  • The operator is entitled to modify the service of the server without an agreement from the users and even without prior notification.

  • The service user of Server is any person using the services of this site that agreed with these Terms or any person that has already registered or will registered based on these Terms.

  • Registering users must fill in the required data and can also fill in the optional data. Required fields are important for further processing on the Server to connect with other service. Optional information that may have t a personal character will not be provided to third parties.

  • User acknowledges that the information or data, voluntarily provided to the forums or other automatically generated pages or other server sites may be used by third party. However, an administrator is not responsible for any misuse by third parties.

  • Manager does not collect any personal data that could identify a specific person, except the case where the person himself provides the data voluntarily.

  • User acknowledges and agrees that he may obtain informational or promotional e-mails to the email address stated in the registration in connection with the use of services of the Server. Emails will not be taken as " spam " by the Manager or the User. Originator of the e-mails is the Server administrator.

  • The Administrator is authorized to declassify information about the Server user, if necessary in terms of complying with the law or by judicial or administrative proceedings with the Administrator, or against Administrator.

  • Data entered to the server, which will be in contradiction to the laws applicable in the Czech Republic or are in contradiction to good morals, can be deleted.

  • Administrator does not carry any responsibility for damages caused directly, indirectly or incidentally to the user or third parties as a result of using the services from the Server. Administrator does not carry any responsibility for damages caused to the user or third parties as a result of impossibility to use the services of the Server or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.

  • The Administrator is entitled to modify the service of the Server without an agreement from the Users and even without prior notification.

  • The Manager is entitled to change the regulation of these Terms at any time.Changed conditions are valid and effective immediately upon posting on the Server site. These changes will be incorporated into the text and will be published in a full version of the Terms.

  • The user is obliged to regularly familiarize with the changes of the Terms. If the user continues to use the services of the Server after making these changes by the Administrator, it is considered that the user agrees to the changes of the Terms without any reservation.

  • By providing the email address in any part of the site to the operator, user agrees to receive offers, news and updates relating to the Servers. The User may request in writing to exclude the email address from the database at any time

  • These Terms and Conditions shall come into force and effect of their disclosure

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